Shanshan Chen is a London-based filmmaker and multimedia journalist who covers the world's most under-reported stories including women's rights, LGBT rights, war and conflict, climate change and migration. She has travelled to more than 30 countries and regions for her films and photography. 

DAY IN A LIFE: Chinese engineer defies gender stereotypes (2013)

Filmed & edited for Thomson Reuters Foundation

Also avaliable on BBC3 Fresh

Jia Ni is one of the few female students studying electrical engineering at a university in Scotland, where she is defying gender stereotypes both at school and in her native China. "The situation is getting better for women, but we still need time and greater determination among women to make things even better," she says in this intimate portrayal of her daily life by Shanshan Chen. "It will be tough, for me too. As long as you don't give up your ultimate goal, no matter how turbulent the journey is, you will always know where you are heading."

Filmmaker: Shanshan Chen