Shanshan Chen is a London-based filmmaker and multimedia journalist who covers the world's most under-reported stories including women's rights, LGBT rights, war and conflict, climate change and migration. She has travelled to more than 30 countries and regions for her films and photography. 

From Damascus to Kessel Eik: Hanadi's Story (2014)

Produced & Edited for Thomson Reuters Foundation

Nine million people have been forced to flee their homes since the conflict in Syria began. Under 150,000 have been granted asylum in Europe.Hanadi and her family had an ordinary life in Syria, with ordinary jobs and a small house, until life became too unsafe. They sold all they had and fled. Using the proceeds from the family house and car, Hanadi made her way to The Netherlands, which has a generous family reunification policy. This film is a day in the life of Hanadi in her new life in the small Dutch town of Kessel Eik.

Director: Liz Mermin

Editor: Shanshan Chen